Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask First

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During this challenging historical moment, many of us have been providing unprecedented emotional support to the people in our lives. 

We all know you can’t help family, friends, work colleagues, or employees if you don’t first take care of yourself. That’s the MeFirstNow principle. 

How can you do that? Start by taking time to check in with yourself the same way you would with others. 

Ask yourself questions like: How am I? How am I really doing? Am I eating, sleeping, or worrying too much? Am I having fun? Am I doing what matters to me? What will help me combat fear, uncertainty and anxiety? 

Am I staying connected to others? Then, think about what brings you joy. What are the little things that make you happy?  

Develop a “MeFirstNow” Freedom Plan to make sure you’re meeting your own needs. Be consistent, and book time for taking a walk, listening to music, regular exercise or meditation — whatever works for you. 

Next, ask for help when you need it — just ask and see what happens. If you don’t put on your own oxygen mask first, you might find yourself feeling angry or resentful. 

Last but not least, be positive about You, by expressing appreciation, giving compliments, and being grateful for your triumphs, no matter how small. 

Not only will these expressions of positivity encourage you and those around you, they’ll also help you stay optimistic and hopeful through difficult times. 

This tip is adapted from “To Take Care of Others, Start by Taking Care of Yourself,” by Whitney Johnson and Amy Humble

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