The Freedom Scan

What if you could gain clarity on what’s holding you back from your dreams?

What if you could feel unstuck and free for the first time in your life, after just shy of an hour with me?

The Freedom Scan* is an intuitive energy scan which I perform over the phone. It is a holistic approach to understanding the energy within you and getting clarity on areas where you have constricted energy that could be interfering with your work life and personal life.

The Freedom Scan will tell you about your potential, your purpose and what’s getting in the way of you showing up powerfully for the things that matter the most.

Everything is a form of energy, including your thoughts and feelings. Think about when someone stands too close to you in the elevator and you feel they are in your space. You are probably picking up on their energy. Another example is, you think something and a few minutes later the person you are with says exactly what you were thinking!

Energy travels in waves and is a unique way in which we communicate without knowing it.

When you have developed your intuitive skills, you can sense energy over a distance.  This is what I have done. My certification as an Energy Practitioner helps me to bring more clarity to my clients, even from a distance. I help them to understand their unique potential and challenges at a deep level to know what is stopping them moving forward.

Our goal from this Freedom Scan is to give clarity and identify your Unique Strengths, Talents and Motivations behind your reactions. In my experience, awareness is the first step to transformation.  

What to Expect with Your Freedom Scan

The Freedom Scan is the first step my clients take when pursuing my “Freedom Coaching” program.  You can purchase a Freedom Scan on it’s own or as part of a Freedom Coaching Package.

The Freedom Scan takes about 15 minutes via phone while you simply take time for yourself in a quiet space. Then I provide feedback which brings you a new level of awareness.   

Please allow 30-45 minutes for the entire freedom scan and feedback since you will want to get all the insights. The Freedom Scan will help you move forward faster when you sign up for one of my coaching programs and is an input into your freedom plan.

Benefits of The Freedom Scan

  • Quickly discover what’s in the way of your goals
  • Identify your stuck chakras so you can clear your energy restrictions
  • Improve energy and feel better right away
  • Receive insight on where to focus your attention for best results

FEE $297

(the Freedom Scan is Included with Your Freedom Coaching Package)

*In 2017, I was certified as a Level 2 Energy Practitioner and Money Shadows Coach the Academy of Invincible Healers / Enlightened Enterprises Inc. The Freedom Scan is a process I developed to support my clients in quickly and effectively identifying and removing blocks to success.