“Donna has guided me through some diverse personal, family and work-related challenges many times. She is a gifted listener, empowering, warm, kind. She partners her gifts of intuition with her own life practice, healing process, and work experience . She has laser focus that very capably helps me getting to the heart of an issue. This provides me with solutions and healing.”

Nancy Henley

Ontario, Canada

Looking back, our encounter was precursory to a series of life events that were just beginning to unfold for which I’d need her guidance and support in healing down the line.

That first reading was both powerful and comfortable; just like the accolades that preceded her, Donna was absolutely somebody with whom I felt at ease and immediately connected.

Fast forward to early two thousand twenty. Those life events came crashing down and I was on the conscious and deliberate hunt for a Black counsellor of 1st-generation Caribbean heritage who empathized with the Gen X/Millennial melancholy.

I valued Donna’s guidance as someone who’s flourished in their spirituality despite a secular religious upbringing.

I had tried without success to connect with other Black women therapists and coaches who had a subtle yet humiliating way of shaming me for seeking help. How could such a beautiful accomplished young woman – with a good job, side hustle, no kids, no husband, and no mortgage – have ANYTHING to be depressed or anxious about?

But anxious I was, and I continue to give thanks for her counsel and advice as I navigate the shadow work necessary for inner growth. I’m excited to tap into my power and am confident that Donna’s knowledge and experience in Reikhi work will steer me on my path.

I’ve already deepened my knowledge of chakras and the force that they yield thanks to her 7 Weeks to Better You Energy Practice session. I would definitely suggest it to anyone looking for an introduction to the capacity of crystals and our energetic power centres.

All in all, I would highly recommend Coach Donna Hall to anyone, but specifically women of the Black-Caribbean community, looking for counsel and guidance in the area of spiritual growth and healing. Her way of connecting with, heart, mind, and spirit is grounded in a foundation of knowledge, love, and compassion.

I trust her intuitive direction and am so grateful to call her a friend!

Danielle Taylor

 “Donna took care of me during a time I needed it and taught me how to tune into my needs, embrace my past traumas and, ultimately, take care of myself. I use the tools she gifted me with every single day to accept and love myself as well as those around me. With her guidance, I learned how to live my best life and I so recommend you let her guide you too!”

Julie Sabine

Toronto, Ontario

Strong Support During My Darkest Moments 

As an experienced intuitive coach, I make a practice of applying spiritual principles to my own life. This enables me to shift within so that I can experience more ease and flow in my life. 

Occasionally though, extreme unexpected challenges can arise and at times like these we need someone we feel safe with to provide unwavering support. This year I was presented with such a challenge: one that created so much turmoil that I simply couldn’t see my way through on my own to a positive outcome. To move out of this agony and step into the joyful life that I so deeply wanted, I asked Donna to provide coaching and energetic support.

During our few weeks of coaching, the clouds lifted and I could sense that a peaceful resolution was truly unfolding in my life. It’s with much gratitude that I write this to thank Donna for helping me during some of the darkest moments I’ve ever experienced. I now feel much more peaceful, more centered and I’ve opened up the lines of communication in relationships that are so important to me. Thanks so much Donna for the best coaching I’ve experienced (you know that means a lot) and for being there when I needed strong support to break through tremendous fears.

Maura Ryan

Intuitive Coach, Ontario, Canada

 I worked with Donna for approximately two months and in that short time, found her extremely helpful by providing intelligent insights with concrete ways to move forward. Donna has a gentle way of uncovering the root of an issue while offering various suggestions to deal with it. She is empathetic, non judgmental, analytical, goal and solution oriented and had my best interest top of mind. She is very easy to talk to and I found that I looked forward to my weekly conversations with her. She encouraged me to continually delve deeper while offering practical suggestions and solutions.

I would recommend Donna to anyone who is looking for an experienced life coach that is supportive while questioning and creative in her thinking but grounded in her values and approach.


Ontario, Canada

I would like to share the impact that Donna has had in my life. I was initially introduced to Donna through some friends. I was honestly a bit skeptical of the approach, but jumped in a did one of Donna’s Freedom scans.

I signed up for Donna’s coaching and healing program. The main areas I wanted to tackle were family issues around guilt, anxiety and my romantic relationships. What a journey it has been and I was able to work through so much. I also attracted the most wonderful partner into my life and we are going on 3 years. I felt that Donna truly understood me and cared.

I can confidently say that because of this process I fully enjoy and love my life! Thank you Donna for everything!

Asha Lapps

When I first started working with Donna I was feeling stressed and burdened by my life and my responsibilities. I am a business owner and mother with aging parents. I have a lot on my plate and a lot to juggle. Juggling it all left me feeling overwhelmed. Since working with Donna, I now feel happy, fulfilled and grateful for all the wonderful people and opportunities that I have in my life. Instead of feeling burdened, I now feel in control and really centred. Donna helped me to release negative energy and emotions that had been plaguing me for decades. She also helped me to remove my self-limiting beliefs and replace them with self-affirming beliefs that will help me to have a really big impact in this world. Donna’s kind, caring, insightful and intuitive approach to coaching is life altering.
Vanessa Judelman

President , Mosaic People Development

Wow! Donna helped me tune directly into my creative center and the deepest part of who I am; the experience was amazing. I got to clearly see the process I use to create in my own way, the conditions that invite in my creativity and aspects of my nature that are very important. She helped me breakthrough energy that had prevented me from freely expressing and creating what I want. The process also confirmed aspects that I sensed about my gifts, and now I fully treasure these parts of myself rather than dismiss them.
I thank you SO much Donna, for guiding me through a powerful breakthrough process in such a profound and beautiful way
Maura Smith

Personal Fulfillment Coaching, Oakville

Donna is a powerful coach, a wickedly wise woman and a beautiful soul! Her Me First one-on-one coaching program is designed to bring forth all the ways we don’t prioritize ourselves and how that translates into life circumstances that reinforce our belief systems. Working with Donna has helped me to prioritize self-love and healthy boundaries, and to honour my unique gifts so that I make decisions and design a life that feel good for me. Her spot-on intuition in one of our sessions led to a life-changing moment for me of acknowledging a major unprocessed trauma that had occurred early in my life. With Donna’s coaching I was able to take the steps I needed to heal and release the negative emotions I was holding on to. I’m forever grateful for the work we’ve done together and highly recommend Donna to anyone looking for a coach with an honest, tough-love, get-to-root approach! “Having worked with several different coaches in past, no one has gotten me deeper and to the source of things as quickly as Donna has. Her approach is magical and exact.”
Fazeena Haniff

“I have worked with Donna over a 6 month period and have found the process to go far deeper than other forms of counselling/psychoanalysis or healing. Donna’s method of psychically looking into the human chakra system yields long-forgotten information about the kinds of deeply held wounds and conditioning that really hold back spiritual and emotional growth. Her process of encouraging actual enquiry of these energetic blocks as expressive entities (often the inner child) is cathartic and healing. It feels to me as if I have finally and fully brought to light many, many issues that were holding me back in life and now have a far greater sense of self love, acceptance and optimism about the future. Thank you Donna.
Becca Hotopf (UK)