When I first started working with Donna I was feeling stressed and burdened by my life and my responsibilities. I am a business owner and mother with aging parents. I have a lot on my plate and a lot to juggle. Juggling it all left me feeling overwhelmed. Since working with Donna, I now feel happy, fulfilled and grateful for all the wonderful people and opportunities that I have in my life. Instead of feeling burdened, I now feel in control and really centred. Donna helped me to release negative energy and emotions that had been plaguing me for decades. She also helped me to remove my self-limiting beliefs and replace them with self-affirming beliefs that will help me to have a really big impact in this world. Donna’s kind, caring, insightful and intuitive approach to coaching is life altering.
Vanessa Judelman

President , Mosaic People Development

Wow! Donna helped me tune directly into my creative center and the deepest part of who I am; the experience was amazing. I got to clearly see the process I use to create in my own way, the conditions that invite in my creativity and aspects of my nature that are very important. She helped me breakthrough energy that had prevented me from freely expressing and creating what I want. The process also confirmed aspects that I sensed about my gifts, and now I fully treasure these parts of myself rather than dismiss them.
I thank you SO much Donna, for guiding me through a powerful breakthrough process in such a profound and beautiful way
Maura Smith

Personal Fulfillment Coaching, Oakville

Donna is a powerful coach, a wickedly wise woman and a beautiful soul! Her Me First one-on-one coaching program is designed to bring forth all the ways we don’t prioritize ourselves and how that translates into life circumstances that reinforce our belief systems. Working with Donna has helped me to prioritize self-love and healthy boundaries, and to honour my unique gifts so that I make decisions and design a life that feel good for me. Her spot-on intuition in one of our sessions led to a life-changing moment for me of acknowledging a major unprocessed trauma that had occurred early in my life. With Donna’s coaching I was able to take the steps I needed to heal and release the negative emotions I was holding on to. I’m forever grateful for the work we’ve done together and highly recommend Donna to anyone looking for a coach with an honest, tough-love, get-to-root approach! “Having worked with several different coaches in past, no one has gotten me deeper and to the source of things as quickly as Donna has. Her approach is magical and exact.”
Fazeena Haniff

“I have worked with Donna over a 6 month period and have found the process to go far deeper than other forms of counselling/psychoanalysis or healing. Donna’s method of psychically looking into the human chakra system yields long-forgotten information about the kinds of deeply held wounds and conditioning that really hold back spiritual and emotional growth. Her process of encouraging actual enquiry of these energetic blocks as expressive entities (often the inner child) is cathartic and healing. It feels to me as if I have finally and fully brought to light many, many issues that were holding me back in life and now have a far greater sense of self love, acceptance and optimism about the future. Thank you Donna.
Becca Hotopf (UK)