Stop Hiding Your Biggest Wound – It is Your Greatest Gift

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The old wounds you have, such as a lack of self-confidence, lack of self-trust, painful relationships, anger, etc. They are part of who you are, so why would you hide them?

Many of us ignored our wounds because we were taught to believe that they were negative.

And for that reason, we now shame ourselves rather than embrace them.

And Why…

I remember the first time a coach told me that I was “kind.”

I hated hearing that because I was told it was a sign of weakness…

Was it really?

Every decision that I made without having empathy or kindness resulted in a situation bigger than it needed to be.

On the contrary, when I saw my biggest wound as my greatest gift, my work started to transform, and people were way more connected to what I did and what I was saying.

To be kind is not as easy as it seems.

Remember, it would be easier to just slam the door on everyone and let no one in on what it is that you’re doing.

When you embrace this wound, you finally let go.

It’s released into the universe.

It just makes your life easier.

All for the better.

What you resist will persist. 

What I want you to takeaway from this is that when you hide who you are, it stops you from being authentic, and results in being ineffective.

I remember the day I decided I was going to show all of myself before stepping into the elevator to go up to the office.

It was a transformative moment because from that day forward I started to have more connected relationships with the people I served.

When you take time to heal old wounds, they become gifts, and you can use them in your work.

And you will eventually become known for that specific gift.

So many of us have walked through life as a shadow of our true self, desiring to be accepted for who we really are, yet too afraid to be seen, and too afraid to accept who we truly are.

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