I provide condensed coaching on VIP days for a breakthrough in one specific area, and I provide ongoing coaching to those who want more long-term support.

The Release+Renew+Rebuild VIP Day

The Release+Renew+Rebuild VIP Day is for those who want a quick breakthrough on a specific pain-point. We get together to clarify what’s really going on, to clear all the old wounds.

VIP day is an opportunity for you to get a breakthrough in a specific area of your life you want to transform. Whether it’s a relationship, career, life purpose, etc.  The session includes a a Release Your Energy Scan to get clarity,  exercises to go deeper and breakthrough what’s getting in the way and ends with you developing a Rebuild plan specific to the area of life you want to transform. 

To explore if a Release Your Energy Scan, Coaching or Reiki Program is for you, let's connect in a free exploratory session.

Release+Renew+Rebuild Coaching and Healing Program

This program are for those who want to develop their awareness and receive support to get anything they desire over an extended period of time. 

Release Your Energy Scan

The Release Your Energy Scan is an intuitive assessment of what’s going on with you physically, mentally, and emotionally. It can show areas where you have constrictive energy that could be interfering with your work life & personal life. It can tell you about your potential, your purpose and what’s getting in the way of you showing up powerfully for the things that matter the most to you. Our goal from this freedom scan is to provide greater clarity and identify your Unique Strengths, Talents and Motivations behind your reactions. This is the first step to the VIP, Coaching, and Reiki Services I offer.

Release Your Energy Scan includes a goal setting component where you develop key goals for 30-60-90 days and actions needed to achieve them.  We review the plan weekly ensuring you are making progress and dealing with any challenges that come up so you are back on track quickly. 

Release your Energy Healing Session

Rei means Universal and refers to the spiritual dimension and the soul.
Ki means vital life force energy which flows through all that is living

Reiki is a healing method that uses a universal guided life force energy. It is a safe and gentle form of natural healing dating back thousands of years to India and Tibet. Reiki helps to create balance, harmony, and healing. It is self empowering, releases stress, resolved blockages, relaxes tense muscles, increases clarity and creativity and brings peace and tranquility.
Sessions can be done in person or remotely. 

To Get Started

To explore if one of my coaching packages if for you, please start by taking The Rebuild Plan. Click “The Release your Energy Scan” below to learn more and register. Or “Contact Me” for a complementary exploratory session to determine the best direction for you.

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