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A lot of my followers ask me this question almost every day.

Should female executives leverage the power of their intuition at work?

I know, the answer may seem obvious, but it isn’t, which is why I am answering it for all of you!

Growing up I realized that I had an innate ability to discern things and people around me: danger, people’s emotions, safety, truth, lies, and positive intentions. Most women will tell you – I know what I know, I see what I see, I hear what I hear, beyond what I’m told.

In most cases, this might be true but, does intuition have a place in the business world?

When it’s right—you just know it.

According to Barbara Corcoran, successful leaders trust intuition as much as intellect.

I didn’t talk about my intuition much because people’s wounds either encourage me to use it or dismiss it.

When I would second-guess myself, I would either wait to make a decision or not make the best decision.  Leaving me to disregard one of their most powerful resources – their sense of knowing.

I believe that logic, reasoning and intuition all are valuable resources. I’ve learned to tap into my intuition to help me.

Looking for help with your own intuition, send me a direct message immediately! 

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