My name is Donna Hall

My name is Donna Hall

I help misunderstood people who have forgotten their own dreams and put themselves last to finally wake up and discover what they’re put on earth to be, do, and have, and then go for it.

Starting at a very young age, I focused my energy on helping others, over the years I became so good at making other people happy, I lost my own dreams, which led me to feeling overwhelmed, powerless and unable to put myself first.

I noticed that whenever I got the inspiration for my own life and put my energy toward that, magic would happen quickly. But when I would focus back on everyone else again, I would lose it.

Do you relate to this? I know from experience that living our dreams requires clarity of what you really want, the energy to go for it, and the support to help you break out of patterns or beliefs that can get in the way.

I have developed several tools and processes designed to help you gain clarity, focus, then take intentional action toward your dreams. Rather than run from your true potential…

I embarked on a journey that led me to “bump into myself” again and after many years of being powerless and living with fear of being misunderstood and judged, I understood I needed to start my journey to live within my Divine Power.

My unique path opened up and became easier, more fulfilled and happier. This journey led me to start Me First Now, to assist others with a step-by-step process to reconnect them with the power they carry within.

I back up my experience with an extensive corporate background in Human Resources, and  Certification in Coaching and Intuitive Energy Healing.