My name is Donna Hall.  I am a life coach and energy healer.

My name is Donna Hall. I am a life coach and energy healer.

I understand what it is like to live with old wounds that get in the way of having anything you want. My old wounds of a difficult childhood, painful relationships, and trauma, resulted in the following:


    • Lack of Confidence & Low-Self Worth
    • No Solid Relationships With My Peers
    • Dependent On The Ones That Mistreated Me
    • Taking On Responsibility Beyond My Own Ability
    • Not Being Able to Relate to Anyone of my Own Age
    My Needs Stopped Mattering And Deep Down My Emotions Were Hidden!

    When I had children of my own, I knew I didn’t want to pass down old wounds to them, so I took responsibility for my own actions, and hired a life coach, and I finally understood who I was.

    That’s when I started to change it all, change the ways of seeing myself and others around me. Furthermore,  I left my full-time job, became a coach,  immersed myself into learning different energy healing modalities, and I got mentored by industry-recognized healers to heal my old wounds.

    I developed a proprietary transformational methodology and I healed my old wounds, transformed my most important relationships and started to live the life I always desired.

    Release + Renew + Rebuild

    I developed a transformational methodology to help women get anything they want by teaching them how to heal old wounds, and transform their most important relationships.

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